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Located in FIU's School of Environment, Arts and Society and led by Drs. Demian Chapman and Yannis Papastamatiou, our lab focuses on the ecology, biology, and behaviour of sharks, rays, and predatory bony fish. Our team produces high quality research that can be translated into meaningful conservation outcomes for threatened species and ecosystems. Using a variety of tools like genetics, new tag technologies, baited remote underwater videos, and stable isotopes, the PEC Lab has the ability to answer diverse and complex biological questions.

Predator Ecology & Conservation Lab

Based at FIU, our team of ecologists, geneticists, and conservationists are making a difference for sharks, rays, and reef fish around the world.
emian Chapman is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at FIU. A molecular ecologist by training, he leads the Global FinPrint project and studies the Asian shark fin trade. He has published over 90 scientific papers and appeared on BBC and the Discovery Channel. His efforts have contributed to species protection in the form of a shark sanctuary in The Bahamas, improved shark management in Belize, and the listing of multiple shark and ray species on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), to name a few.



annis Papastamatiou is an Assistant Professor at FIU in the Department of Biological Sciences. With over 80 research publications, Yannis is one of the world's leading shark behavioural ecologists. His work has been featured on National Geographic, BBC, and Discovery's Shark Week. Yannis' use of new tag technologies on species ranging from pelagic oceanic whitetips to home-ranging reef sharks has advanced the field of predator ecology and led to evidence-based marine protected area zoning.

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